I see someone running

İnto the shadows

And I look my soul

I see it painted black.

I know witches and magicians

By the fire in their eyes.

I'm not one of them

But I see somethings

I don't need stars and cards

I'm divine.

I look at my soul

I see it painted black.

I see that

No one really loves each other

But the lovers

Want to spoil the game

It's the lovers card!

I see a girl

Running barefoot on the asphalt

Running away from home

She takes off her white clothes

And wears a black dress

No color anymore.

She has a peace dove necklace

but she doesn't need it anymore

she is no longer innocent

It's innocence lost.

White roses are dreched

In black blood

I see a fox and a bird died

On the side of the road

I hear whispers

Calling for disaster

The kids are screaming.

There is no sun

I see the Dark Moon

And Zuhre

It's the devil card:

I see the devil

Walking through a black door.

And I see a satanic ritual

Destroyed by a divine call!


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