Swear I couldn't sleep a wink last night
No point in turning off the lights
Not the same without your head on my shoulders
Growing pains, but I don't wanna get older
Almost like we left it all on read

Couple feelings never laid to rest
Didn't know that the party was over
And it's true that I need you, get closer

Burning photos, had to learn to let go,
I used to weep
Somebody in another skin,
I heard that you're happy without me
And I hope it's true
It kills me a little, that's okay
'Cause I'd die for you
You know I'd still die for you

I hope you're getting everything you needed
Find the puzzle piece and feel completed
Just wanted you to know every reason
Hope you really know that I mean that
Couldn't see the forest from the trees
The only time we speak is in my dreams